Keys To The Best Grease Trap Maintenance And Cleaning

When you run a restaurant, bar, or any business that runs a full kitchen, it's important that you remain up to date on maintenance. More specifically, you should reach out to some professionals that can assist you with grease trap maintenance so you can mitigate fires in your building. Right now, restaurant fires create more than $100 million in damages, and much of this damage can be held under control when you take care of your grease trap. 

Below we will touch on the ways you can keep your grease trap under control, for the betterment of your restaurant as a whole. 

Stay mindful of grease trap warning signs and inspect it regularly

In order to really keep your grease trap up to par, you should start getting to know the warning signs that something is wrong with it. For example, if you begin to smell rotten odors or if the grease trap is struggling to drain, this is usually a warning sign that it is clogged and in need of relief. To this end, you should also be aware of things like difficulty cleaning the grease trap, drain blockages, and strange noises. 

Maintaining your grease trap is more than just a precautionary matter -- it can also save you from some serious fines. Your local health and safety department will inspect your restaurant kitchen from time to time to make sure there no hazards, and a grease trap inspection is one of the highest priorities. You can get in front of these inspections and avoid fines by choosing to handle your own inspections from time to time, so you can fix issues that are preventing your grease trap from working properly. 

Bring in professionals for grease trap cleaning and repair when necessary

In order to get the utmost performance from your grease trap, you will need to touch base with a few professionals that can assist you. They will make it easy for your grease trap to drain properly by giving it a deep and thorough cleaning. Having your grease trap properly pumped, drained, de-clogged and cleaned should cost you somewhere between approximately $400 and $900 in most cases, but check with some drain cleaning professionals in your local area to find out for sure. 

Hire a go-to shop of grease trap cleaning pros to handle any repair that you need from time to time. Follow these tips and touch base with contractors that can help you out.